Starting a Learning Journey

I’ve recently been exposed to a group of people who are influencing how I think and feel about more significantly than I have experienced in years. The obvious assumption I’ve made is that I’m in my 40’s and this is when life “shake-ups” happen. This is supposedly when we reflect on who we have been over the last series of decades, and decide whether the person we have been is authentic to who we truly are or if we look forward and want to find a new definition of self. If I take this moment to look back on who I have been until this moment in time, I feel little shame. I have wandered down many paths, some were exciting and fun, some caused unexpected pain, and some were so scary that I had to turn back.

As I move forward on my current learning journey I want to shed the fear that has held me back in the past. I plan to listen more and to speak less. I plan to look for gifts in people, and myself, instead of seeking flaws. I seek the bravery to share what I’m learning with others and to inspire change. It is an exciting time to be alive and I can see doors opening before me. The practice of writing my thoughts in a public domain may not be the best path for working out my internal development but I find comfort in taking tiny actions and in knowing I am only one small part of this huge universe.