Today's Recipe: A Great Day

I am working with a business coach who is an expert in the health and fitness field. She started writing a blog every day for the first year of her business. My first two months of writing have proven to be very challenging. I have the "I'm too busy" and "I don't have something important enough to say today" mindset right now. It's really time to get over that (because I know that doesn't help me or anyone else).

One of the things my coach said she would write when she felt like she was out of ideas was healthy recipes. I realized that the recipe concept translates well to life. As a self-aware person, I find myself assessing my moods and feelings quite frequently and some days are simply better than others. I have often wondered why and here is my...


1. Exercise - Easy ideas I love...walk the dog, quick 30-minute power workout, yoga. Exercise jump starts your serotonin, which is a hormone your brain produces that creates feelings of happiness.  Put your shoes by your bed, or sleep in your walking clothes. It helps you get over some of the early morning hurdles that get in the way. 

2. Feed Your Mind - There are some days I do both 1 and 2 together. This may be something like listening to a podcast that I'm dedicated to, reading a favorite blog site, or even the short exercise of reading the  the Daily Skimm. Do something to get your mind going in a way that interests you after you've woken up your body. I strongly recommend this not be checking email! 

3. Feed Your Body - This is your coffee/tea time, and a great moment to make the right dietary choice for the day. I'm not a health and fitness guru, but I love to start with a high protein breakfast that I know will carry my focus through my morning (along with my coffee). I'm a fan of eggs and cheese for breakfast or a protein shake. 

4. Get Sh*t Done - I have adopted the practices of weekly planning, and daily task making. Try to knock something off your "to do" list early in the day to feel that sense of accomplishment. I'm currently working on a productivity tool that will capture more specifics around how to do this consistently well. 

5. Greet  the Rest of the Day with A Smile - I've found that if I start my day off using this recipe, I have exponentially better days. My outlook is brighter, my energy levels are higher, I feel like I can handle stressors or last minute deadlines calmly. I know I've made a healthy decision in the morning that will help me be a better person and parent and that really goes far when I'm carpooling at 10pm. 

What's your recipe for a great day?