How I Failed: January 2016 Edition

I was with a group of girlfriends this week. We organized a meeting to do "something," but we weren't really sure what we wanted to accomplish. By the end of the two hours we had shared a lot, finished a couple bottles of wine, and gotten some personal struggles out in the open. One of my epiphanies from this gathering was that I avoid doing things because I'm afraid of failing. One way to get over fear is to take action around the thing you fear the most. Here are two things I failed at this month. 


I wanted to blog daily or at the very least once a week. I posted three blogs in January. Three is better than none, but not even close to my goal. I did write five thank you notes, and I'm  committed to writing 200 this year. I just did the math and I need to send 16 thank you notes a month to be on track for my goal. This means I'm already 11 thank you notes behind for the year.  I have a few choices at this point. I can beat myself up about my lack of discipline around writing (both blogs and thank you's), I can do nothing, or I can look forward and commit and plan around doing better. 

Here are some blogs that I started but never finished: 

  • Writing my Bio...who cares
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? 
  • The secret is out: If you hate your job, people can tell
  • You're not as selfish as you think you are


I wanted to get back on my morning gym schedule. This wasn't a resolution for 2016. It was a realization that I had last year. I have a better day when I get up in the morning and exercise before I start my work. Because I have a fairly unpredictable work schedule every week a morning workout stabilizes me by providing me with routine. I exercised in the morning before work five times this month (nuff said). 

January Reflection Questions:

  1. What got in the way of accomplishing what I had intended? 
  2. What will I do differently this month? 
  3. How will I hold myself accountable this month?